The Story of Tiny Art 2 Share

Thank you for taking a chance on Tiny Art 2 Share! I’d like to tell you a little story. This project was born from the need to help someone. A few years back, and from 3000 miles away, my sister was fighting cancer. I’m not a doctor, so I couldn’t cure her. And I’m not her neighbor, so I couldn’t sit with her, make her soup, take my nephews to school, or do her laundry. I felt helpless. I sent cards, flowers, chocolates… whatever came to mind. One day, I texted her a silly picture of something cute, with no explanation. She texted right back: “Gah! So cuuuute!” “The cutest!” I replied. We’d found it: a respite. A micro respite, no more than a minute. But for brief interlude, she wasn’t a cancer patient. I wasn’t a ball of worry. We were just two adult women fawning over a baby bunny gently nibbling a fresh strawberry. #NORMAL. I sent more. “ADORBS!” “Need one!” “Must pet!” “I can’t even!”

Some years and 2000 (mostly) bunnies later (double-bun Mondays), Sister is cancer free and Tiny Art 2 Share was born.

Each TA2S kit contains two little paintings. Keep one for yourself and share the other with someone who could use a thoughtful gesture. There’s even a little gift bag included, and a TO/FROM card. You’re about to make someone’s day a little brighter! This is a scientific fact! If you like, stop by and say hello, even share your story on Facebook, Instagram, or send an email directly. More tiny art pairs are available at the Etsy Store.